LOSING! Sheen's Detroit Show a Total Disaster!

File this under "Not Remotely Surprised."

Steady reports are coming in that Charlie Sheen's Detroit show tonight---the first stop on his much-hyped, My Violent Torpedo of Truth tour---was a huge mess. Boos, walk-outs, refund demands... the whole nine yards.

Apparently, it wasn't much more than Sheen spewing nonsensical rants from behind a podium. After an audience member booed, Sheen reportedly sneered, "I've already got your money, dude."  Later, the booing got so bad that the warlock finally left the stage and the house lights were turned on. Show over.

Public comments on Sheen's Twitter page:

"Did you suck on purpose?"

"He didn't rehearse this material and it showed."

"He is a coward and couldn't face the crowd he stole from. He's a joke."

"Unprepared, poor material, no talent for the live stage, the crowd was chanting as* ho*e."

"Charlie Sheen I want my time back! What a let down you failed Detroit LOSER!"

Yikes. Better luck next stop, Charlie. Hope Chicago doesn't eat you alive, bro.

Posted on April 2, 2011 and filed under Celebrities.