Friday Fabü

Let’s talk about eyes. More specifically, let’s talk about lashes and brows. How do yours look? If they’re the epitome of color, richness and definition, consider yourself slapped. You may turn the page now, because there’s nothing here for you, Prince(ss)Perfecto. Now, scram! You’re making the rest of us look bad.

Okay, now it’s just us, the lackluster lash/brow crowd. If you’re like me, you spend a fair portion of your grooming regimen applying cosmetics to make these faint features more apparent. Sound familiar? If so, then it’s time to dye, dahling.

Countless others have grown so tired of waking up to a ghostly image staring at them in the mirror that they now book regular appointments to keep their otherwise transparent brows and lashes tinted. I recently decided to join their ranks.

Posted on April 1, 2011 and filed under Fabü.