Attn: Ridiculously-Wealthy Time Control Freaks

Behold! That watch that promises to extend your happy moments. Swiss watch company, Hublot (a subsidiary of France's LVMH label), presents the Key of Time watch.

According to Hublot's site:

What if a watch, by means of its mechanics, gave you the ability to manage the passing of time as you wished? To really manage your own time? The mechanism driving the MP-02 Key of Time, thanks to a three-position crown, enables you to “modulate” the speed at which the hours and minutes pass, according to your wishes.

Hence with Key of Time, the wearer can make happy moments last four times longer or make difficult moments four times shorter, while retaining the option to “return” to real time at any moment.

This is a very limited edition watch, kids. Only 50 available. Price: $261,000.

Um... what?

Posted on March 31, 2011 and filed under WTF?!?.