PETA: Babies Suck!

Um... this is loco, man.

We all know how gung-ho PETA is about spaying and neutering pets. Now, they're trying to stop human breeding, as well.

They're having a contest. The winner receives a free vasectomy. I am so not kidding.

From the contest offer:

It's a two-fer: Get your animal companion fixed, and get yourself fixed too! Human overpopulation is crowding out animal life on the planet, and dog and cat overpopulation is creating a euthanasia crisis that is a crying shame. Disappearing wilderness, vanishing water resources, and pollution is the price that future generations will pay for more human births, while losing their lives is the price that millions of homeless dogs and cats pay when guardians neglect to "fix" their companion animals.

To enter, get your dog or cat spayed or neutered, then submit an essay answering the question, "Why should PETA neuter you?"

Contest runs through April 27.



Posted on March 30, 2011 and filed under News, WTF?!?.