Barbie's Bitch Turns 50!

The master of the flesh-colored mound, Ken Carson, turns 50 this month.

Sadly, Ken's commando days are over; his mound is now covered by faux undies.  Travesty!

Over the years, we've seen him go through his phases, including Good-Lookin' Ken, Talking Busy Ken, Malibu Ken, Sport & Shave Ken, Jewel Secrets Ken (the Disco years), Totally Hair Ken and Harley Ken.

My favorite: Sugar's Daddy Ken. The 2009 incarnation was a reference to his pet, Sugar, a West Highland White Terrier that Ken leads on a pink leash. This was during Ken's Palm Beach years. Mattel's Palm Beach doll line was geared for adult Barbie collectors and supposedly exemplified Palm Beach fashion.

Sad that Mattel didn't have the cojones to call him Way Gay Ken instead.

Sugar's Daddy Ken? Without a hint of leather? Boooo, Mattel. Get it right next time, please. Thanks in advance.

Happy 50th, Ken. We heart you.

Posted on March 22, 2011 and filed under Birthdays.