Weekend Edition

Gotta make this quick, kids. Yo tengo very crabby eyes. This leads me to our first topic.

1. At long last, the first day of Spring has arrived. So lovely. So sneeze-inducing. So inspiring. Welcome, spring.

2. Sheen for President

The Huffington Post - Charlie Sheen for President? He may just need to pick a party and, he'd be, duh, winning.

The headline grabbing, now former sitcom star was placed in hypothetical election match ups with President Obama and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin by Public Policy Polling, on behalf of the Wall Street Journal. Whether it says more about the partisan divide or the public's fondness for Sheen, the star had some resounding success in the polls.

When given the choice between Palin and Sheen, Democratic voters choose the Sober Valley Lodge over Wasilla, Alaska; Sheen defeats Palin 44-24 amongst Dems. Similarly, in an Obama vs. Sheen election, Republicans would take the actor 37-28.

Most remarkably, it's not just partisan in some cases; Sheen defeats Palin amongst political independents, 41-36.

Read the rest of the story here.

3. Happy birthday, Fred McFeely Rogers (March 20, 1928 – February 27, 2003... i.e., dead). No wonder he went with Rogers. I imagine McFeely ranks pretty damn high on the list of Worst Children's Show Host Names Ever. Welcome to Mr. McFeely's neighborhood, kids! Ew.


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