Franco, Franco everywhere.

Does anyone else feel like there's a little too much James Franco going around? Dude's everywhere.

Perhaps I'm jealous. Stranger things have happened. I would, indeed, like to be a better multitasker... and nobody--and I mean nobody--multitasks better than Franco.  Not only is he an actor, model, music producer, bar owner and college lecturer, but he's now a college course.

You read that right; he is his own college course. Master Class: Editing James Franco... with James Franco is the name of the Columbia College Hollywood class. According to the curriculum, editing students will create 30-minute documentaries from video footage from Franco's career. Students will work under the guidance of--you guessed it--Mr. Franco.

I'll stop here before I have a Francoverdose.

Posted on March 15, 2011 and filed under Celebrities.