Celeb Rehab Scandals!

It's a hotbed of WTF?!? in the Celebrity Rehab camp...

1. Mike Starr, former Alice in Chains bassist, was found dead yesterday at a home in Utah, where he was arrested a few weeks ago for illegal possession of prescription narcotics. Let's hope he's in a better place now; dude had 'tortured soul' written all over him.





2. White House Party Crasher and former DC Real Housewife, Michaele Salahi, was fired from Celeb Rehab's current filming because it turns out... wait for it... she doesn't really have an addiction. Pow! Faaabulous!





3. Celeb Rehab staff called 911 on Bai Ling because, apparently, she was on the Pasadena Recovery Center roof and there was concern for her safety. She reportedly came down sans incident. Two words: publicity stunt.






Posted on March 9, 2011 and filed under Celebrities.