I've been racking my brain for days over something quite ridiculous, but potentially accurate. OK, so, watching that Galliano rant on YouTube gave me the distinct feeling that I'd seen something like it before.

It just came to me: The Burke Dennings character from The Exorcist. Remember? He was the director of Chris MacNeil's Georgetown movie shoot. He shows up at her house party, gets super-obnoxious drunk and launches into a drunken verbal assault on the elderly house manager, Karl.

The dialogue:

Burke Dennings: Tell me, was it public relations you did for the Gestapo or community relations? Karl: I'm Swiss! Burke Dennings: Oh, of course. And you never went bowling with Goebbels before either, I suppose? Nazi bastard. Cunting Hun! Bloody damn butchering Nazi pig!

So, ya' follow me here? I could be way off, but I'll let you be the judge. Sure, the Jew is the one hurling the insults this time, but it's the drunk/big nose/Nazi thing that causes me to call similarity. Whaddya think?

John Galliano = Burke Dennings... sort of.

Posted on March 2, 2011 and filed under Fashion, News.