Meatless Monday

Hell hath frozen over. I took the Meatless Monday pledge.

I'm starting each week on a healthy, environmentally friendly, meat-free note.

I eat too much damn meat. Over it.

After taking the pledge, I excitedly scrawled "Meatless Monday!" on my jumbo desk calendar inside each week's Monday box.

D'oh! Got a little too excited. Sunday is the new Monday, dahling. God bless correction fluid.

Now I have that wretched Bangles song stuck in my head.

It's just another meatless Mondaaaaay. Ohhh-whoa. Wish it was Sundaaaay. Ohhh-whoa. CuzthenIwouldn'thaveusedupanentirebottleofcorrectionfluiiiiiid. Ohhh-whoa.

Posted on February 18, 2011 and filed under Announcements, Health/Fitness.