NYC Trip Notes 2

Feast your eyes on this sweet set-up in Ian's living room.

My two days of solo urban exploring were awesome. Managed to take all the right trains. The GPS system on my new phone is kind of the best thing ever.

Friday: East Village, SoHo

Saturday: Rockefeller, 5th Ave, Central Park

They were skating to 50 Cent. Can't win 'em all, I suppose.

I also did a Times Square lightning round last night whilst cabbing to meet Ian at work. Highly efficient.

times square

Last night, we dined at this killer Indian hole in the wall that positively dripped with strand lights. Fab.

Now we're preparing to venture out into what's expected to be the warmest day of my visit. 50 degrees. There's that number again. 50. There must be magick afoot.

That's actually his book. He's down with the Cottage Witchery. And if I don't hurry and get off this computer so we can go eat breakfast, he's certain to cast a spell on me. If I trip and fall in front of gobs of movers and shakers at the fashion show tonight, you know who to blame. Ian Dorey, your new name is Dorlock.

UPDATE: During some shopping after breakfast, the total of one of my purchases--including tax--came to an exact $50. WTF?!?

Posted on February 13, 2011 and filed under NYC, Travel.